Why Many Parents are Reluctant to Give Their Kids ADHD Medications

Over the last few years, I have been involved in setting up and running numerous support groups for parents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) kids. One topic that soon or later comes up for discussion in these support groups is that of ADHD medications. The ADHD medications in question are very controversial. Doctors tell us that it is possible to improve the quality of ADHD kids’ lives through the use of the medications. And pretty much every parent who has a ADHD kid would truly wish to see the kid enjoying a high quality of life. Yet in spite of those facts, many parents seem to be very reluctant to give their kids ADHD medications.

There are parents who are reluctant to give their kids ADHD medications because the side effects associated with the medications make them uncomfortable.

There are other parents who are reluctant to give their kids ADHD medications because they are uncomfortable with the fact that these medications are often addictive. There are parents who are uncomfortable with these drugs because they know that if the kids get used to such high levels of stimulation, it will be hard for them to live without the drugs later on in life. Scarier is the fact that Kids who get used to the CNS stimulant medications dispensed in ADHD treatment are only likely to start craving for even more potent stimulants as adults. And that can push them into illegal drugs use – which is a perilous route to take, especially when you consider the fact that the registers of inmates in jails are mostly made up of people who have been jailed due to illegal drug use.

Finally, we have parents who are reluctant to give their kids ADHD medications because they feel that ADHD is not a condition that warrants the usage/administration of such strong drugs.  There are parents who hold onto the belief that ADHD is a condition that can be managed through behavioral interventions. There are parents who believe that if they take the trouble to cultivate discipline in their ADHD kids alongside good social skills, and if they train the kids to control their hyperactive impulses, the kids should be able to cope with life without having to depend on medications.